Alta, CA Trailer And Auto Collision, Nov 1969


Three members of a family wedding party were killed last night when a trailer they were towing went out of control in Placer County and whipped their car head-on into another vehicle.
Killed on Interstate 80 near Alta, Placer County, were:
RAYMOND MORRISON, 48, and his wife, GLADYS, 48, of San Bruno, and DORIS MORRISON, 39, of 1523 Marshall St., Antioch.
The latter's husband, BOBBY, 42, a foreman for the U.S. Steel Company in Pittsburg, is in the Placer General Hospital in Auburn with a broken neck. Doctors say that movement of his head a fraction of an inch will cause instant death.
The two men are brothers and had gone to Reno with their wives for the wedding of another brother's daughter.
The occasion was also a celebration for the third brother's promotion. He is BILL MORRISON of Pittsburg, who was to leave for a new job with U.S. Steel in Houston, Tex., following the marriage of his daughter, BELINDA.
RAYMOND MORRISON'S son, KENNETH, 23, and his wife, SANDRA, 21, of San Bruno, also made the trip, but their automobile broke down. The MORRISONS had loaded the disabled car onto a trailer they rented and all six were in BOBBY MORRISON'S car making the return trip.
MORRISON told highway patrolmen in the hospital that the trailer started whipping and he was fighting for control on a slight grade when the accident occurred.
His car was thrown across the dividing line into the vehicle of WARREN SANDALL, 57, of Orland. He was killed and his wife seriously injured.

Oakland Tribune California 1969-12-01