Lundy, Mono, and Jordan, CA snowslides, Mar 1910


3 Villages in Sierras Are Buried.


9 Persons Killed in One California Mountain Camp.


Avalanches Thunder Down Canyons, Carrying All Before Them - Total Fatalities May Never Be Completely Ascertained.

CARBON, Nev., March 9. - Avalanches traveling in each instance as much as two miles, gathering momentum and bulk as they thundered down the mountainsides, swept the mining camps of Lundy, Mono and Jordan, in Mono County, last night. Messengers from the smitted district must make the perilous trip on snowshoes and rescue parties are going into the mountains in the same way. The death list is growing and the full list probably will never be known.

At Jordan, where the hydro-electric plant was swept away last night, the following are known to have been killed:

R. Hamson and wife.
H. M. Weir, Pasadena, Cal., electrician.
P. M. Peacock, assistant electrician, Sacramento, Cal.
C. B. Trumbolt.
Benjamin Pessin.
Harold Hardy.
R. H. Mason.
John Sullivan.

The body of Sullivan was the only one recovered at the last account received here.

Slide Comes in Night.

The slide struck the camp when the men were asleep in the bunkhouse and probably not one escaped. At the same time the plant of the power company was destroyed, eight cottages were demolished. The loss of life in these has not been reported. The old smelter which has stood for 20 years at Jordan, was also swept away.

The avalanche came two miles down the side of Copper Mountain, carrying a huge mass of snow, earth and boulders, together with trees cut off and carried along with the other debris.

Only meager reports are available from Lundy, but it is practically certain the whole camp, together with the Lundy power plant, has been annihilated. At this point the big slide, after sweeping down the sides of the mountains above the place, shot clear across Crystal Lake, before overwhelming the camp. The only names of the dead at Lundy are Jasper Parrott, a wealthy miner, who had lived there 50 years, and C. Knowlton. It is known there were other fatalities.

No word has been received from the Lundy mine, but it is known every canyon in the distrit has been swept by the slide. the disaster at Lundy happened about 10 o'clock last night.

The only details obtainable from Mono are that the Postoffice and schoolhouse were destroyed. Word received from Masonic, a nearby mining camp, states that Samuel J. Smith, a miner, was killed today by a slide that struck the camp, and that another man named Frank Ellis was seriously injured.

Tonight nearly every wire, telephone, telegraph or power, from the Alpine Mountain country is down. The only connection is with Bodle. J. S. Cain, of that place, wired tonight confirming the destruction of Lundy and Jordan, and stating that the storm is the worst in the history of the region. Additional telegrams late tonight state the storm is renewing its fury and that further disastrous slides are certain.

The Oregonian, Portland, OR 10 Mar 1911