Cressy, CA Air Force B-52 Jet Crash, Dec 1956

The craft was at an altitude of about 1,000 feet when it was stricken. Wreckage was strewn over an area of more than two square miles.
The Air Force said the following crewmembers were killed:

Maj. ROBERT L. SHERMAN, 34, ECM operator, wife, BETTIE. 1345 First St. Atwater, Calif.; home address, 1271 Robinson St., Oroville, Calif.

Capt. CHARLES W. SCHWEER, 36, ECM instructor, resided with parents at Tessler's Trailer Court, Winton, Calif.

Capt. NICK S. KOSS, 37, radar-bombardier instructor, wife, MILDRED M., 1987 Fifth St., Atwater; home address, 4961 Jefferson St., Gary, Ind.

Capt. LELAND F. BURCH, 35, navigator, 205 Hill St., son of MRS. JENNY BURCH, Lemoore, Calif.

Capt. JACK E. WELCH, 33, radar-bombardier, wife, MARILYN A., 1785 Delores St., Atwater, Calif.; home address, 76843 Walnut Dr., Los Angeles.

Capt. JOHN A. GODDARD, 39, aircraft commander, wife BETTE L., 2410 Second Ave., Merced, Calif.; home address, 1326 E. 61st St., Los Angeles.

T/Sgt. GERALD E. RILEY, 26, tail gunner, wife, MARGIE L., Castle Trailer Court, Atwater; home address, 405 Arina Ave., Lakeland, Fla.
Capt. RICHARD M. WICKSTROM, 31, pilot, wife, HELEN L., 1025 Kadota Ave., Atwater; home address, Lakeside Dr., Yorktown, Va.
Names of the other two crewmen killed were withheld pending notification of their next of kin.

The Daily Review Hayward California 1956-12-01


The other two killed crewmen were:
Major BRYANT G. GAY, 38, electronic counter measure operator, widow CLAIRE H., San Francisco; two children, ROBERT B., 7 and ALYCIA H. 9; parents, MR. AND MRS. MILUS O. GAY, Buckley, Wash.
T/Sgt. WILLIAM J. MAGUIRE, 33, radio operator, a son, WILLLIAM, JR., 8 ; mother, MRS. MARY K. MAGUIRE, Memphis, Tenn.

The above two names and information was taken from
The Fresno Bee Republican California 1956-12-01