Camborne, BC Forest Fires, Aug 1904


Vancouver, B. C., Aug. 13. -- Forest fires are playing havoc all over the Kootenays. Six hundred feet of water works flume conveying water from White Water Creek has been burned, and the fires are raging over other sections of the flume, which is two miles in length. A number of prospectors in the Siocan have come in from that section, having been driven into the city by the fires in the mountains, which they declare prevail in a number of sections.
Reports from Camborne say that large conflagrations rage near there. It is reported that the tramway of Goldfinch has been destroyed, and also the upper portion of the tramway of Eva, which is 5,000 feet in length, and which cost $13,000 and is insured for $10,000.
It is feared that the Oyster Criterion tramway will be destroyed. The old and new bunk houses at the Eva Mine have been destroyed, causing about $1,500 damage.

Tacoma Times Washington 1904-08-13