Dardanelle, AR Steamer POCOHONTAS Disaster, Mar 1852

DREADFUL STEAMBOAT DISASTER----EIGHT LIVES LOST---The steamer Pocahontas, on her upward trip from this place, met with one of those explosions now so common in the western waters. While rounding out from a wood-yard, on the 14th inst., about 10 miles below Dardanella [sic], on the Arkansas river, she collapsed both flues of her middle boiler, blowing out principally aft, scalding eighteen persons, eight of who did the next day before 11 o'clock. The following list of sufferers was furnished by a passenger on board, who made a miraculous escape.

Killed----Wm. Pettit, 2d engineer, Quincy, Illinois; Mike McGuire, Ireland; Henry Cook, cook, St. Louis, Mo.; Lavina Barker, Simon Barker, Mourning Barker, Joe McDonald; and John A. McDonald, passengers, Indiana.

Scalded---Wm. Sanford, 3d engineer, (badly,) St. Louis; Wm. Blythe, fireman, Ireland; Wm. Morgan, deck-hand, New Orleans; Matilda Hously, passenger, Indiana; ----Barker infant, (badly) Indiana; Wm. J. McDonald, Sen Wm. J. McDonald, Jr., Susan McDonald, (very badly,) and Amanda M. Hously, passengers, Indiana; and the 1st engineer, who is not much hurt, and is now at his post.---Fort Smith (Ark) Herald, 20th ult.

New York Daily Times, New York, NY 13 Apr 1852