Lepanto, AR Flood and Rescue Boat Drowning, Jan 1937

Six Drowned as Rescue Boat Is Capsized in Flood

Three Women and Three Children Perish at Lepanto, Ark.

LEPANTO, Ark., Jan. 25 - (AP) - Three women and the three children drowned today in the turbulent Little River when a rescue boat carrying them from their marooned homes capsized.

The dead are:
MRS. PEBBLE ENGLISH, 19, and her two year old child, HELEN.
MRS. OCKLEY WHITE, 23, sister of Mrs. English, and her two children, JIMMIE, 3, and JOHN, 1.
MRS. MARY MONDY, 42, mother of the women.

Jeff Wolfe, a rescue worker, sought to bring marooned families from their homes at Riverdale to Lepanto.

A swift current and shifting of the occupants caused the boat to capsize. Wolfe and Jeff English, husband of the drowned woman, swam to safety after futile efforts to rescue the others.

The body of one of the children had been recovered early tonight.

The Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH 26 Jan 1937


Ockley White

Ockley White is my great great aunt. My grandfather has been trying to find out more about the events of her drowning. The family story is her and her husband Sanford P White had four children together, two girls and two boys. Sanford made two boats for them to escape the flood. Sanford and the two boys were in one boat and they survived. Ockley and the two girls were in another boat and they all drowned. Thank you Thank you Thank you for posting this transcribed article!! It has provided great information to help us find out what happened and who all was actually involved. It was such a devastating family tragedy.