Yuma, AZ Rowboat Overturns, Woman Rescued, Jan 1912


Woman in Home-Made Craft Rescued From Angry Colorado.

SAN BERNADINO, Cal., Jan. 6.---Four men loitering on the bank of the Colorado River, just north of Yuma, rescued Mrs. May Hadley from death today in the wreck of a homemade rowboat in which she was below the international line, where her husband lay critically ill.

Mrs. Hadley lives at Oatman, Ariz., opposite Needles. Having no money to pay for a passage down the river, she built a boat herself, but it was too fragile to withstand the swirling currents of the Colorado, and went to pieces five miles north of Yuma. The woman's cries for help were heeded by the four men on the bank, who dragged her to shore, numb from the effect of the icy water.

Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR 7 Jan 1912


courageous woman in story

Does anyone know anything else about this woman. Looked for her on find a grave and can't find her.