Tuscon, AZ Fire, Jun 1882


The Harness Store of C. W. Clarke Entirely Destroyed.

Early Morning Alarm that Awoke Hundreds of People.

Threatened Destruction of the Occidental Hotel.

At half past two o'clock this morning, a cry of fire was heard in the vicinity of the Star office. A reporter looking from the window of the newspaper building saw a bright flame shoot from above the door of C. W. CLARKE's harness store on Church street, opposite the Occidental Hotel. Running out and reaching the establishment within a few seconds after, he found the entire front part of the building in flames. A large crowd quickly gathered in answer to the


and everyone went strenuously to work to save the property. It was too late, however, the structure and its contents soon becoming enveloped in flames. The first man met by the reporter was named HARVEY, who stops at the lodging house just below. He stated that he was among the first to give the alarm, and was sitting in front of his room when he saw the flames in the store window. Just previous to this he saw a man jump over the adobe wall on the Congress street side of the harness store and disappear down the street. A colored man employed at the lodging house noticed a man dressed in black clothes


about half an hour previous to the alarm, and afterwards heard a great deal of noise within. He remarked to a friend with whom he was conversing that if the unknown party was a clerk sleeping in the building, he must be drunk to


Another man with whom the reporter conversed, substantiated the above, that some one entered CLARKE's store about a half hour before the fire, and afterwards he saw a person jump over the adobe wall into the street. HARVEY stated that the actions of the man he perceived leaping over the wall so


that he had a notion to follow the fellow. If the man who entered the building was the same who afterwards bounded the fence, it was necessary for him to pass out the rear door, enter a corral about forty feet back, pass around an adjoining house and scramble over a board fence before reaching the last obstruction, the adobe wall in question. When the rumor gained circulation prominent citizens sought HARVEY and the colored man and asked them to point out the

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