Vallsburg, AZ Train Wreck, Jan 1903


Fatalities May Reach a Score.

Tucson, Ariz., Jan. 29.-A disastrous collision occurred on the Southern Pacific railroad early yesterday morning between two passenger trains. The wreck occurred near Vallsburg, Ariz., 17 miles east of this city, and details as to the cause are difficult to obtain. The engines and cars were piled up in a mass and immediately took fire from the exploding oil tanks of the engines. The flames were communicated to the cars, 11 of which were consumed. A relief train was sent from Tucson to the scene of the disaster. This train has just returned, bringing 17 of the injured. Several of the injured were taken to Benson, Ariz.

Following is a list of the dead, as far as obtainable at this hour: J. M. HILTON, Cambridge, Mass.; J. W. BRUCE, engineer; R. R. WILKEY, engineer; GEORGE MCGRATH, fireman.

Seriously injured: FREDERICO ROMERO, Juarez, Mexico; H. W. HAREMAN, Saginaw, Mich.; FREDERICK DONAHUE, Battle Creek, Mich.; BEN SAWYER, mail clerk; A. B. SILVERTON, New York; C. S. GILBERT, fireman; BEN BRADSFORD, Mayhill, N. Y.

Among the injured are also S. F. GLINNEN, Cambridge, Mass., and Dr. MEYERS, Springfiled, O.

Twenty dead bodies had been recovered up to 3 o'clock this morning and the total number may reach 25.

The Daily Courier, Connellsville, PA 29 Jan 1903