Lowell, AZ Fire, Oct 1923

Business Section, Lowell, AZ abt 1912, photo from familyoldphotos.com

BISBEE, Ariz, Oct 12. -- The town of Lowell, a Bisbee suburb today is seeking to bring order out of the chaos caused by a disastrous fire which last night destroyed half the town, sweeping through a dozen or more business places and causing a loss which Fire Chief Wilson estimated at a quarter of a million dollars.

The fire started in a smoke house of the Toree Packing Company and swept down the north side of Main street and up to the Municipal market on the Naco road. When is [sic] reached the Bisbee Lumber Company, the flames formed a vortex of a veritable volcano, the ferocity of which was increased by explosions of gasoline tanks.

Merchants threw their entire stocks into the streets before the path of the fire and police were forced to us desperate means to check the vandals which ransacked the piles of merchandise in the half darkness. A number of arrests were made. There were no fatalities reported.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 18 October 1923