Prescott, AZ Fire, July 1900


Nothing Can Save the North Part of the Arizona Town From Destruction


There Is No Water With Which to Fight the Fire - Started in a Row of Wooden Buildings-Stores Were Blown Up to Stop the Progress of the Flames Still Raging When the Wires Went Down.

Prescott, Ariz., July 15, 1 a.m.- The most disastrous fire in the history of the town started at 10:45 p.m. in a row of wooden buildings know as the Scopel block on South Montezuma street, and at this hour, 12:30 a.m. (Sunday), every building on the west side of the plaza as far north as Guerley street, including the Hotel Burke is destroyed. The fire is still spreading and there is no telling where it will stop.

The principal business houses so far burned are those of Sam Hill, D. Levy & Co. and Ed Block. Every building between Montezuma and Granite street is gone. The Courier office is totally destroyed and the Journal Miner office is in great danger.

The firemen are perfectly helpless, as there is no water. Business houses on the north side of the plaza are moving out their goods. Over a dozen stores were blown up without effect. It now looks as if the entire north part of the town would go.

The loss at present is not less than $500,00 to $700,00.

At 1 o;clock the telegraph office was destroyed and no further information is obtainable to-night [sic].

The Anaconda Standard, Anaconda, MT 15 Jul 1900