Pinevelas, AZ Train Wreck, Oct 1891


FLAGSTAFF, A. T., Oct. 27.---A serious wreck occurred on the Atlantic and Pacific yesterday morning about 7:15 at Pinevelas, sixty-five miles west of Flagstaff. The San Francisco express, due here at 8:59, was thrown from the track while running at the rate of forty-five miles an hour. The day coach, Pullman tourist, sleeper, baggage and express cars were thrown down an embankment upon their sides.

Almost every person on board received a severe shaking up, while some were seriously injured:

Mrs. Mary Kistler, of Kingman, Ky., a consumptive, received such a severe shock that it is thought she will die. Among those injured are: L. Heather, of St. Louis, scalp wound; C. Puliman Porter, leg fractured; Mrs. Isabella Fusselman, Allentown, Pa., bruised; Mr. D. Mogge, San Francisco, Mrs. John Thompson, Salem, Ill., and James Williams, Albuquerque, badly cut about the head; J. M. Lyons, fireman, and J. M. Killen, engineer, slightly injured.

The wreck was caused by a broken rail. Chief Surgeon Castor was on board and did all in his power to alleviate the sufferings of the injured. The passengers were all badly shaken up, and the greater number were bruised and scratched, but not one was seriously injured.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 28 Oct 1891



I don't know, but it seems probable to me that the actual location of the wreck was near Pineveta, Arizona. It's located about 60 miles west of Flagstaff (per Google Maps) and is listed on the railroad line in the 1895 railroad map at

There's very little information about Pineveta out there, but this site is basically the only one Google finds on Pinevelas, so I thought having another lead might be helpful to some of your readers. Thanks!