Mesa, AZ Auto And Train Crash, May 1964


Mesa, Ariz. (AP) - All ten occupants of a station wagon were killed Monday when a Southern Pacific express train traveling an estimated 60 miles an hour smashed into the vehicle at a crossing.
Two sisters, one of them pregnant, and their eight children were the victims.
They were MRS. LOLA KING, 26, of Phoenix and her two children, SHELLEY, 3, and VICKY, 4; and MRS. INA LOWE, of Winkleman, Ariz., and her six children, CLIFFORD, 10, MITCHELL, 8, LINDA, 7, KAREN, 5, MARK, 3, and GREGORY, 1. MRS. LOWE was pregnant.
The 14-car train, pulled by two diesel units, ripped the station wagon in half. One part was left lodged against a signal post at the crossing and the other was knocked several hundred feet down the tracks.
Between the two sections of the vehicle were scattered groceries, clothing, shoes and a crumpled teddy bear.
Investigators quoted Engineer W. W. Witt, of Phoenix, as saying he was on the wrong side of the cab to see the woman's car approaching. One deputy said the car ran right into the path of the train as though the driver didn't see it or the signal at the crossing three miles south of Mesa.

Idaho State Journal Pocatello Idaho 1964-05-12