Casa Grande, AZ Bus Hits Sheep Flock, Apr 1952


Seven of 38 passengers riding in an American Bus Lines coach were injured Sunday afternoon when the coach overturned after running into a flock of sheep on Highway 84 about 17 miles west of Casa Grande.
Sixty-five sheep in the flock owned by the Cross Mountain Sheep Company of Casa Grande were killed or injured so badly that they had to be killed.
The flock of about 1200 sheep was being driven east on the south side of the highway and was struck by the bus as it was traveling west.
Patrolman Jack Wood, who investigated the accident, stated that JAMES E. McMAHON of Tucson, driver of the bus, reported he had seen a cloud of dust, but that he did not realize it was caused by sheep. As he drove the coach into the dust, he struck a station wagon driven by CHARLES SCHULTE, who was attempting to get through the flock of sheep and was surrounded by them. After striking the station wagon, which was damaged considerably, the bus careened on down the highway before it overturned. MR. SCHULTE was not injured.
Following the accident the six men who had been herding the sheep got the passengers out of the bus by breaking two of its windows.
Two ambulances were called, and the seven injured were brought to Casa Grande Hospital for treatment.
Following investigation by insurance adjustors, the sheep were removed from the highway. The Cross Mountain Sheep Company is owned by Robert Echeverria, Mike Echeverria, Jr. and Mike Echeverria, Sr.
X-rays have been taken of those injured in the accident and some were found to have back and internal injuries as well as cuts and bruises.
Passengers on the bus who were admitted to Casa Grande Hospital for treatment of injuries were:
Pfc DAVID WESTLEY, Camp Pendleton, California, who suffered a laceration of his left ear.
MRS. CONCETTA HUTCHINS, Burbank, California, who suffered internal and back injuries.
MRS. VIRGINIA YORK of Long Beach, California, back injuries.
TRUMAN ROSAUER, Ta Lunga, California, injury to left leg.
GEORGE W. TRICKLER, Portland, Oregon, fracture of left hip.
MRS. MINNIE BRANNON, Salinas, California, left arm injuries.
Master Sergeant HERBERT LANDERS, Camp Stoneman, California, head injury.

Casa Grande Dispatch Arizona 1952-04-03