Hyder, AZ Bomber Crash, Mar 1950

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Eyewitnesses to the crash in the sparsely populated country near Hyder started searching for the crash when they saw the plane fall. Part of that distance had to be covered on foot, but it was reported that an air force rescue plane landed near the scene.

Scattered For Miles.
When witnesses arrived they found wreckage scattered over a wide area. One estimate said parts of the plane were tossed over a two square mile area, but Gene Palmer, state highway department employe, said the wreckage was
"scattered over five miles."
Palmer said bodies were scattered over the distance of a square block and were so mangled that "you couldn't tell just how many there were."
An early investigation failed to give any clue as to why the huge plane blew up.
A full scale inquiry was under way as military experts from D-M combed the crash scene and talked to survivors seeking a possible reason for the crash.

Dead in the crash of the B-50 bomber near Hyder, Ariz., yesterday, as released by David-Monthan officials were:
Lt. Col. HAROLD E. NIGNOLA, 518 S. Treat Ave.,
Oakland, Calif.
Capt. FRED B. SMITH, 4029 Pasco Dorado, Denker, La.
Capt. PAUL M. McPHERSON, 1931 S. Campbell Ave., Houston, Tex.
First Lt. ROBERT H. STEPHENSON, 544 S. Butler Ave., Chickasha, Okla.
First Lt. NEWELL G. SHEPHERD, 4016 E. Pima Ave., Levan, Utah.
Tech. Sgt. LEWIS E. WOMBLE, 508 S. Norton Ave., Franklin, Va.
Tech. Sgt. CECIL B. HORTON, 1014 E. Catalina Ave., Springfield, Ill.
Staff Sgt. RAYMOND B. DARBY, Davis-Monthan, Malvern, Ark.
Sgt. WILLIAM STOVALL, Davis-Monthan, South San Francisco, Calif.
Corp. JAMES L. JONES, Davis-Monthan, Chico, Calif.
Corp. MELVIN E. GELINO, 1740 S. Sixth Ave., Morganville, Kas.
Pfc. MONFORD E. DOUGHTY, Davis-Monthan, Willow Springs, Mo.

Tucson Daily Citizen Arizona 1950-03-24