Williams, AZ Fire, Jul 1901

Arizona Town Burned.

Williams, Ariz., July 2.-Two entire blocks and a portion of another, comprising the entire business portion of this town, was entirely wiped out by fire today. The loss is estimated at a million dollars, with small insurance. There was only a limited water supply and no fire department. No loss of life is reported.

Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise City, ID 4 Jul 1901


Big Fire In Arizona.

Williams, Ariz., July 2.-(Associated Press.)-Fire started in a general merchandise store here today and entirely wiped out two blocks in the main part of the town. Loss $200,000.

Morning Herald, Lexington, KY 3 Jul 1910


Williams, Ariz., Destroyed by Fire.

Los Angeles, Cal., July 3-A special to The Times from Phoenix, Ariz., says “The town of Williams, Ariz. Was destroyed by fire yesterday. The loss was about $500,000. Williams is a railway and lumbering town on the Santa Fe Pacific Railway and has a population of about 2,000. The place and the great mill in its suburbs have been destroyed by fire twice before.”

Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC 4 Jul 1901


Williams Burned.

The Business Part of an Arizona Town in Ashes.

Special to The Register.
Williams, Ariz., July 2.-Two entire blocks and a portion of another were burned here today.

The loss will reach a million.

The business portion of the town is in ashes.

The fire practically burned itself out. There was no water supply nor fire department.

Fort Worth Morning Register, Fort Worth, TX 3 Jul 1901


The Williams Fire.

The business portion of Williams, Arizona, was destroyed by fire early yesterday morning. The fire started from the explosion of a lamp which was left burning in Fleming’s store. The loss is estimated at $300,000. The town has no fire fighting water supply; hence there was very little insurance.

The principal losers are:
Geo. W. Martin, $7,000, W. M. Hayward, $12,000, J. C. Phelan, $2,000, Jos. Johnson, $3,000, E. M. Twitty, $2,000, Jas. Walsh, $1,000, Julius Wexler, $6,000, B. F. Sweetwood, $3,000, Harry Loeb, $2,500, Capt. P. Smith & Co., $1,000, H. F. Ashurst, $2,500, Tetzloff, $3,500. Geo. Matthewson, $3,000, C. F. Boyce, $2,000, Williams Drug Co., $10,000, L. Sebay, $3,000; Simpson’s Opera House, $8,000, Nalskolski, $7,000. A.B. Bruner & Son, $3,500, Button Furniture house, $5,000, J. P. Parker, owner of Hotel Tolfree, $35, Geo. U. Young, proprietor of Williams News, $12,000, Max Salzman, $100,000, Polson Bros., $50,000; M. L. Rainey, $25,000, T. A. Fleming, $5,000; W. A. Dodson, $6,000.

The Williams Hardware & Stationery Co. was the only store left in the town. A stiff wind blew in a direction favorable to the spread of the fire. Geo. U. Young, of the Williams News, had a new printing office plant on board the cars at Los Angeles within three hours after the fire.

Prescott Morning Courier, Prescott, AZ 3 Jul 1901


The lumber mills at Williams were not burned in yesterday morning’s fire.

Prescott Morning Courier, Prescott, AZ 3 Jul 1901


According to the latest reports from the Williams fire, the following fire sufferers carried insurance.
Loss Ins.
Max Salzmann $75,000 $35,000
Joseph Parker 20,000 7,000
Palsom Bros. 25,000 10,000
J. W. Matthews 7,000 2,500
J. S. Button 3,000 600
E. A. Fleming 5,000 2,500

There was no other insurance. C. E. Boyle’s hotel was damaged to the extent of about $400.

Prescott Morning Courier, Prescott, AZ 6 Jul 1901


Williams News, July 13:

J. L. Davis was up from Val Verde to see about the fire. Mr. Davis will undoubtedly put up some good business blocks on some of his valuable property around town.

Prescott Morning Courier, Prescott, AZ 17 Jul 1901