Tempe, Mesa, AZ Tornado Damage, Aug 1971


Phoenix (AP) -- COL. WILLIAM G. ELDRIDGE, Maricopa County Civil Defense director, says Monday night's tornado which swept through Tempe and Mesa may cost insurance companies an estimated $3 million.
The storm, with winds up to 100 miles an hour, ripped off roofs, toppled trees and power lines and injured 41 persons.
One man, identified as GEORGE T. STOUT, 68, Mesa, died of a heart attack during the storm.
The National Weather Service in Phoenix confirmed Tuesday that the storm was a tornado. The last tornado reported in the state up until Monday was Sept. 5, 1970.
It occurred in the same general area as Monday night's storm. However, it was considered a relatively small one and only resulted in around $10,000 damage, the weather service said.
Meanwhile, Maricopa County Assessor KENNETH R. KUNES said that owners of house trailers and houses that were damaged by the storm would be eligible for some property tax relief.
He noted that state law provides a taxpayer can petition the county board of supervisors for a reduction in valuation of destroyed residential property from the date of its destruction.
KUNES said his office was examining all area of possibility of tax consideration for those persons affected by the storm.
"Exactly how we will work this out," he said, "I do not know at this time."

Casa Grande Dispatch Arizona 1971-09-01