Dyea, AK Every One's Home Hotel Fire, Mar 1898


Five Persons Thought to Have Lost Their Lives.

SEATTLE, Washington, March 9.---Passengers on the steamer Humboldt, which arrived here early this morning from Dyea and Skaguay, Alaska, bring news that on the night of March 3 a fire occurred in Dyea in which it is thought five persons lost their lives. The fire started in the Every One's Home Hotel, completely destroying the hotel and adjoining saloon and dance hall. More than twenty persons were sleeping in the hotel.

The bodies of Bert Meek of Portland and a man named Russell of Juneau have been taken out. The body of an unknown woman has also been recovered. It was thought that the remains of two more men were in the building. The fire occurred a few hours before the Humboldt left the place and full particulars could not be obtained.

The New York Times, New York, NY 10 May 1898