Opelika, AL Train Accident, Oct 1887


Three Persons Thrown to the Track in Opelika.

OPELIKA, Ala., October 30 - [Special.] - One of the most horrible accidents that ever happened here presented itself today. Quite a crowd was at the depot this afternoon anticipating going off on the Montgomery train. As the train blows always before arriving in town, the crowd generally leaves the platform and stands near the track. This evening a large crowd of ladies were near the track. The Columbus train was late, so no thought was given to its coming. Just as the Montgomery train came to a stop, the Columbus train came backing in. The crown [sic] become [sic] confused, as a good many were crying out, "Look out for the trains" In this confusion two persons were run over One was Miss A Melton, a co-principal of the female college at Auburn. She was caught near the wheels of the second coach, and dragged about twenty yards, and there lodged. She could not be taken out until the car was lifted off its wheels. She then was found to be fatally injured, and little hopes of her recovery is anticipated. The other was little Miss Erin Dick, one of her students, who has been on a visit to her uncle with Miss Melton. Miss Dick is seriously hurt, but not fatally. Mr. J F Adams, one of out best citizens, was knocked down by the same train, but by quick action of mind crawled out just in time to save himself.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 31 Oct 1887