Gadsden, AL Hammond Mining Co Explosion, Oct 1908


BIRMINGHAM, Ala, Oct 29. -- By the blowing up of the magazine of the Hammond Mining company at Gadsen [sic] Ala., last night, property damage to the amount of $9,000 was caused. Thus far but one death has resulted, that of Henry Kiel, a foundryman.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 29 Oct 1908



One Dead, One Missing, and a Number injured in Dynamite Explosion at Hammond Mine-Nearly Every Glass in Gadsden Broken by the Shock.

Gadsden, Ala., Oct. 28 - One man dead, one missing, one dying and four injured are some of the results of a dynamite explosion at the Hammond mines near the business section of the city early to-night.

The dead:


Fatally injured: JAKE LOGAN, member Gadsden fire department.
Injured: MACK FERRELL, of fire department, and GUS WOODLIFF, chief of the fire department.

So terrific was the explosion that almost every plate glass front in Gadsden was broken. Twenty-four miners' houses in the vicinity of the explosion were leveled to the ground and many others are damaged.

The fire department with forty men had responded to an alarm, a house being on fire near the mine magazine. Hundreds of spectators were standing near when the explosion suddenly occurred and every one within a wide radius was hurled to the ground. Stones were blown entirly (sic) through the body of KEIL and no trace can be found of HOOD. Miners had been drawing explosives from the magazine to-day but no one seems able to account for the explosion. A number of women and children standing in the vicinity of the fire were more or less injured but were carried home and their names cannot be procured to-night.

Charlotte Daily Observer, Charlotte, NC 29 Oct 1908


Gadsden, AL Mine Explosion

On October 28, 1908, 400 pounds of dynamite exploded at Hammond Mining Company, killing one man. The explosion was heard in Hokes Bluff and Altoona.

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