Attalla, AL Fire, Sept 1891



CHATTANOOGA, September 3.-Information from Attalla, Ala., is to the effect that the little city suffered from fire today to the extent of $100,000, with small insurance. A blaze broke out at 2 a. m., and as there is no system of fire protection, it swept unchecked until it burned itself out. The cause is unknown. The list of losers is as follows:

H. H. DEAN, general merchandise and ATTALLA FURNITURE COMPANY; J. B. MERAGUE, saloon; BANKS, ARNOLD & CO. general merchandise; D. A. WHITE & CO., dry goods; J. C. CUTHERIE, groceries; J. C. BEASON & CO. general merchandise; W. T. BROWN & BRO., groceries; DREW DILLARD, saloon; COX & BRO., groceries; DUPREE & CO., stoves and tinware.

CHATTANOOGA, September 3.-Revised and more accurate list of losses by fire at Attalla makes the amount $62,400.

The Columbus Enquirer-Sun, Columbus, GA 4 Sept 1891


The second big fire, the most disastrous in the history of Attalla, occurred in 1891. Between the times of [1887-1891] brick buildings were being erected throughout the area affected by the first fire. These were the first brick buildings to be constructed in Attalla. The second fire burned in both directions, and swept through all buildings between Third and Fourth Streets, demolishing all except three small wooden shanties. It was difficult to bring the blaze under control, because the town had no waterworks and had to depend upon a bucket brigade.,_Alabama