Birmingham, AL Train Wreck, Nov 1901


Man Killed in Wreck on A. G. S. Not Known.

Birmingham, Nov. 15.---(Special.)---The identity of the white man who was killed in the wreck on the Alabama Great Southern Railroad yesterday has not been learned as yet. A man giving his name as Turner stated in the morgue this morning that the deceased was George Higgins, who lived near the jail in Montgomery. A picture of a man and woman found in the dead man's pockets, according to Turner was that of Higgins and a woman named Ida Jones, also of Montgomery. This story is not believed. The dead man was well dressed and the fact that he should be riding truss rods is causing no little mystery. Coroner Paris is investigating the matter in the hope of locating the identity of the dead man.

Inquiry developed the fact that George Higgins is not known here. His name does not appear in the city directory and the people in the neighborhood of the jail here never heard of him.

The Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL 16 Nov 1901



Unknown Man Killed by Train in Mobile.

Mobile, Nov. 16.---(Special.)---An unknown man was killed on Commerce street at an early hour this morning by being ground to death by a passing train. Parts of his body were strewn along the street for the distance of a block. There was nothing found on the man to disclose his identity. He was about 50 years of age and was well clothed.

A policeman during the day identified him as a Pensacola fisherman known as "Jack" who would preach about the wharves in Pensacola. The same policeman found the man under the influence of liquor after midnight and was about to arrest him when a friend of the old man, whom the policeman knew, interceded and the old man started for his lodging house in the vicinity of where his mangled remains were found.

The Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL 17 Nov 1901