Near Birmingham, AL Coal Mine Explosion, Apr 1919


Birmingham, Ala., April 29. -- Sixteen miners, all but two of whom were negroes, were killed, and eight others were injured probably fatally today by an explosion in a mine of the Majestic Coal Mining company, located 22 miles north of Birmingham. All but four of the 106 men in the mine at the time of the explosion had been accounted for tonight.
The explosion is believed to have been caused by a fall of rock releasing a large quantity of coal gas which was ignited by a miner's lamp. Practically all of the men within 600 feet of the point of the initial explosion were either killed or injured and the wrecking of air brattices made it impossible to pump air into many nearby chambers which were filled with gas.
Mine rescue teams from all parts of the Birmingham district were called to the scene and a special train made up to bring the more seriously injured to this city.

The Sandusky Register Ohio 1919-04-30