Belle Ellen, AL Coal Mine Explosion, Feb 1922


Meagre Reports Reach Birmingham of Fatal Accident at Alabama Coal Mine.

Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 2.-Nine convicts were killed from a local gas explosion in the Belle Ellen coal mines in Bibb county late today, according to reports received here by C. H. NESBITT, state mine inspector.

Mr. NESBITT said he only received a meagre report on the accident but that the superintendent of the mines told him the explosion was a local one, that all the bodies had been recovered and that the mine was clear. The mine inspector said he did not know whether or not the convicts were all negroes but believed the majority of them were.

The report was received too late to catch a train to the scene of the accident tonight but a full investigation will be made tomorrow, Mr. NESBITT said.

The Belle Ellen mines are owned by the Besemer Coal, Iron and Land company, of which HENRY L. BADHAM is president.

There are four mines in the group and about 300 convicts are employed.

The State, Columbia, SC 3 Feb 1922