Birmingham, AL Building Collapse, Apr 1900


Eleven Others Injured, Two Mortally, in an Accident at Birmingham, Ala.

Birmingham, Ala., April 28. -- By the collapse of the framework of the main building of the Dimmick Pipe and Foundry Company, in course of construction at North Birmingham, this morning, two men are dead and eleven injured, at least two of whom will die.
The dead are: JAMES McWHORTER and DAVIS WHITE. The injured are: WILLIAM McWHORTER, head crushed and internally injured, will die; D. O. PATILLO, fractured jaw and concussion of brain, will probably die; HOMER BROWN, K. P. WALKER, JOHN OLIVER, W. H. ALLEN, J. O. BECK, GEORGE SILER, W. B. WYNN, J. A. ROLPH, JOHN SHARPE.
The building was 300 feet long and 100 feet wide. While an immense beam was being placed in position on the roof, thirty feet above the ground, it fell, and, striking the next beam, knocked it down. The second beam knocked down the third, and so on until twenty-six beams had fallen, causing a general collapse of the structure.
About thirty men were at work on the building, and of this number thirteen were on the superstructure and went down in the wreckage. Those on the ground floor escaped through the windows.

Brooklyn Eagle New York 1900-04-29