Greenville, AL Auto And Trailer Truck Crash, Aug 1955


Greenville, Ala., Aug. 19 - (INS) - Seven people - all occupants of the same vehicle - were killed today when a car shot through an intersection and plowed into a heavy trailer truck near Greenville, Ala.
According to the highway patrol, the car, driven by JOHN SCOTT, of Wildwood, Fla., failed to stop at an intersection about a mile from Greenville and rammed into the trailer truck.
The impact wedged the car under the truck and it was dragged some 300 feet before the truck driver could bring the huge vehicle to a halt. The driver of the truck was uninjured.
All seven - three women and four men - were dead before the ambulance arrived.
Those killed in the crash beside driver SCOTT were:
EDWARD LEE LEWIS, 29, of Greenville;
ANNIE LEE LUSTER, 35, of Pensacola, Fla.;
PEARLIE MAE SMITH, 27, of Greenville;
ALAN HERBERT, 31, of Garland, Ala.;
JAMES TAYLOR, 24, of Pensacola;
and TAYLOR'S 23-year-old wife.

The Times Shreveport Louisiana 1955-08-20