Marshall, NC Truck And Auto Collision Kills 5, Aug 1956


An Anniston woman, Mrs. M.A. Weaver, escaped harm in a car-truck wreck that killed five persons and critically injured two others in North Carolina yesterday, according to the United Press.
Mrs. Weaver was driving the car which an asphalt-loaded highway department truck was attempting to pass on a curving mountain road three miles south of Marshall, N.C., when it crashed into an oncoming car. The Weaver car was not involved in the collision.
Burned to death were:
The REV. and MRS. T. H. SHACKLEFORD, of Tucker, Ga.;
their daughter, JIMMIE, 26;
KATHY FULP, 7, of Greensboro, N.C.;
and ROBERT RAMSEY, 55, of Marshall, driver of the truck.
The REV. and MRS. R.N. BAREFOOT of Marshall, passengers in the car, were critically hurt.

The Anniston Star Alabama 1956-08-24