New York, NY Park Place Building Explosion - list of dead injured



About a dozen of the wounded were carried to the Chambers Street Hospital in ambulances. Most of them were not seriously injured, and went home after injuries had been treated. Only three remained at the hospital at 9 o'clock last night. They were Miller Barnett; Frank Morrell and Mary Heagney.

The list of those taken to the hospital follows:

ADDLEBROOK, BERNARD, 177 Eldridge Street; hurt about the face.

BACHMAN, FREDERICK, a fireman attached to the First Battalion; injured by falling bricks and section of a pipe; taken home.

BERNARD, LOUIS, 55 West Eleventh Street; scalp wounds.

BARNETT, MILLER F., Johnson City, Tenn.; compound fracture of the skull.

GOTTLEB, MORRIS, 279 West Fourth Street, fracture of the clavicle.

HEAGNEY, MARY, the nine-year-old daughter of Janitor Heagney of 61 Park Place, taken from the ruins; scalp wounds and fractured rib.

LINK, JOHN, fireman of Engine Company 27 wounded about the head.

MORRELL, FRANK, contusion of the chest.

SHEEHAN, JOHN, Fall River, Mass., wounds on the head.

SMITH, EVAN, Brooklyn, wounds on the head and face.

WILLIOFF, JOHN, 230 Madison Street, arm hurt.

POLICEMAN NO. 88, name unknown, struck by falling brick and slightly hurt.

It was said by the hospital authorities that there was probably no danger of the death of any of the three who remained at the hospital, and of the recovery of the little Heagney girl they had no doubt. Morrell, they said, could leave the hospital at any time.

The New York Times, New York, NY 23 Aug 1891