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What You'll Find Here.  Newspaper articles about Train Wrecks, Fires, Floods, Shipwrecks, Plane Crashes, Accidents and other disasters.  Most of these articles list the dead and injured or missing. Use the Search Box to search for your ancestors or Browse the articles by type of disaster, state or year.

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Belden, CA Two Civil Air Patrol Officers Die in Crash of Their CAP Cessna 305A During a Search Mission, Sep 1982

Clifford D. Van Meter grave

Civil Air Patrol members Robert L. Tarwater and Clifford D. Van Meter lost their lives when their Civil Air Patrol Cessna 305A crashed during a search mission on September 26, 1982.  read more »

Yakima, WA Four Civil Air Patrol Members Killed in a Crash of a Cessna C-177RG, Jun 1985

James Edward Saalman grave

Four Civil Air Patrol members died in the crash of a Cessna C-177RG on June 22, 1985 near Yakima, Washington. The CAP members are James E. Saalman, Robert R. Haley, III, Richard W.  read more »

Selma, OR Three Civil Air Patrol Officers are Killed in Their CAP Cessna 177 on a Search Mission, May 1985

Charles Lee Ruckman

This accident happened on May 26, 1985. The dead Civil Air Patrol members included Capt Charles L. Ruckman and Lt Kenneth R. Schappert.  read more »

Everglades City, FL Two Civil Air Patrol Officers Die When Their CAP Cessna 172K Runs Out of Fuel, Oct 1991

This accident happened on October 2, 1991.

National Transportation and Safety Board Analysis  read more »