Gurnsey, WY Train Wreck and Fire, Jul 1928

Eight Unknown Men Burned to Death When Trapped in Freight Train Wreck

GURNSEY, Wyo., July 29, (AP) - Eight unidentified men were burned to death in a spectacular freight train wreck on the Burlington Railroad here today.

The eight men were beating their way in an empty box car and were trapped when gasoline from wrecked tank cars ignited.

Tank cars comprised the greater part of the train of 27 cars and flaming gasoline spread from the wreck down the Platte River for several miles, causing the river to appear as though it were on fire.

So badly were the bodies of the eight men burned authorities believed they would never be identified. Some of the bodies were virtually cremated, they said.

Railroad officials expressed the opinion that the wreck was caused by loosening of the roadbed by cloudbursts which occurred last night. The track near the Platte River where the wreck occurred had become so shaky that it gave way under the weight of the heavy freight train, they said.

Plattsburgh Sentinel New York 1928-07-31