Red Desert, WY Train Accident, Oct 1912

Another u. p. wreck.

Rock Spring, Wyo., Oct. 12, --- A railroad accident happened at Red Desert, a small station on the Union Pacific, about fifty miles east of Rock Springs, this morning about 9:30, with fatal results. It was a special freight, east bound, going at a fast rate of speed. The locomotive and six cars passed the depot all right, but the next car jumped the track, owing to the breaking of a flange on the switch. H. CHRISTENSEN, a section hand, was killed outright and his body badly mangled by a car toppling on him, and pieces of the debris entered his body. He was brought in to Rock Springs on the Overland Flyer, which was three hours late. Three cars of horses, one full-blooded stock, valued at $40,000, left the track and either seriously or fatally injured all. The rear end of the train ran into the depot, moving it three feet from its foundation. The conductor received a sprained back. The cars were mostly reduced to kindling wood.

Nineteen out of twenty trains have been late for the past month and everybody is kicking. --- S. L. Tribune.

Daily Enquirer Utah 1890-10-14