Dana, WY Train Wreck, Jan 1909

1 Killed, 9 Injured in U. P. Wreck

Cheyenne, Wyo., Jan 26. -- The Union Pacific passenger train No. 5 known as the Oregon Express, westbound, struck a broken rail near Dana, 150 miles west of hear at 3:45 this afternoon and was wrecked.

Five coaches are in the ditch.  A wrecking crew and relief train carrying doctors left here at 5 o'clock.

Omaha, Nebr., Jan. 26. -- The list of casualties in the wreck west of Cheyenne which include one dead and nine seriously injured, was given out by the Union Pacific officials here as follows:

Dead -- Miss Emma Chingenpul, of Danbury, Ia.

Injured -- Mrs. Olive Clingenpul, of Danbury, Ia.; Miss Rosa Clingenpul; Everett Friedley, Rising City, Nebr.; U. S. Smith, McAlester, Okla.; Mrs. L. M. Hickox, Grand Rapids, Wis.; E. E. Barber, Junction City, Kas.; John Pfeffer, Akron, Colo.; A. T. Moll, Indianapolis; Celia Nelson, Omaha.

These nine seriously injured were taken to a Cheyenne hospital.  The body of Clingenpul also was taken to Cheyenne.  About twenty others received injuries, but all were able to resume their journeys.

Aberdeen American, Aberdeen, SD 27 Jan 1909