Diamondville, WY Mine Fire, Feb 1901


(By Associated Press.)
SALT LAKE, Utah, Feb. 27. -- Specials to the Tribune from Kemmerer, Wyo., this morning state that the work of recovering the bodies of the unfortunate men who perished in the Diamondville mine Monday, was energetically prosscated[sic] all last night and this morning up to 10 o'clock. At that hour firedamp began pouring out from the sixth and seventh levels, compelling the men to abandon their work and hastily seek places of safety in the fresh air. It will be several hours before the search for bodies can be resumed. Up to 30[sic] o'clock this morning eight bodies had been recovered.

Reno Evening Gazette Nevada 1901-02-27



Mine Managers Hope to Secure the Bodies of the Dead Miners Saturday – Trying to Get Beyond the Fire.

Salt Lake, Utah, March 1. -- A special from Diamondville, Wyo., to the Tribune says:
All day long a party of 30 men have been trying to reach the bodies of the entombed miners through the cross-overs from the room on the No. 6 level, and at 9 o'clock to-night Superintendent SNEDDON and Inspector YOUNG came out of the mine and announced that nothing more would be done to-night. No. 45 room has been reached and they are 150 feet from the point in the level where the fire occurred, and as the work was commenced so soon after the disaster it has been decided by those well experienced in mine fires that some hours would have to elapse before another effort would be made get beyond the fire. So as to allow the pure air to advance and also give the part of the mine which was on fire more time to cool off they have sealed the sixth level at No. 45 room.
It is understood from miners who have been down to No. 45 room that the heat became so intense that it was impossible to continue work any longer. Men have been stationed at different portions of the sixth level to watch developments. The fire is confined between the 45th and 46th rooms and had not the heat become so intense it would have been possible to get beyond the fire through the cross-overs from room to room. Nothing further can be done for some hours yet. No work is being done in any other part of the mine.
Early to-morrow morning Superintendent SNEDDON announces that work will be resumed and he hopes to rescue the 18 bodies which he thinks are between room No. 47 and room No. 48 on the level just beyond point where the fire occurred.

The Anaconda Standard Montana 1901-03-02