Superior, WI Train Wreck, Aug 1913

Superior—Indignant over the ore car collision in which three persons were killed and several injured, 250 dock workers struck. The accident is blamed to careless switching. The known dead: Nick Libest, laborer, Superior; John Koski, laborer, Superior; unidentified man, supposed laborer. The fatally injured: Isaac Isel, laborer, leg cut off; unidentified man, laborer, leg and arm cut off. Badly hurt; John Koshlo, bruised and cut by ore lumps; Charles Stanholm, laborer, bruised and cut; Reno Eskitine, laborer, bruised and crushed. A moving train ran into a standing train, throwing the workmen into ore pockets and covering them with ore. Within a minute several hundred workmen were on the scene, wildly digging into the pockets. All the ambulances in the city and a dozen doctors were summoned. The injured were removed to a hospital, which the dead were put in a switchhouse.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 9 Aug 1913