Stowell, WI One-Legged Man Saves Girl from Train, Sept 1908


Maimed Milwaukee Signaler Candidate for Carnegie Medal-Risks Life to Save Child

Special to the Telegram.

MILWAUKEE, Wis., Sept. 5.- E. A. MCGRATH, a one-legged station agent at Stowell, is a candidate for a Carnegie hero medal.

This morning while sitting in his station he was signaled that an engine was approaching. He went out, and, looking about, saw 5-year-old EMMA HAMICH playing on the track.

MCGRATH hobbled up the track as fast as he could, reached the child, dragged her from the rails, and then threw himself into the ditch just as the big engine thundered by.

The Fort Worth Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX 5 Sept 1907



Railroader Saved Little Girl at Risk of His Own Life.

President Roosevelt has awarded a railroad life-saving medal to EDWARD A. MCGRATH, of Milwaukee, a station agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company, who, on August 26, 1907, saved the life of EMMA HUMMICH a six-year-old girl.

While MCGRATH and a number of other persons were standing on the station platform at Milwaukee, the little girl attempted to cross the track in front of an approaching train. MCGRATH, who is a cripple shouted to her to stand back, but she failed to heed his warning and was in imminent danger of being run down. MCGRATH ran to her aid, and at great risk to himself succeeded in lifting her from the track just as the train rushed by. Eye-witnesses, according to reports received in Washington, declare that it was a miracle either escaped death. MCGRATH was struck by the pilot beam of the engine, but escaped serious injury. The child was uninjured.

After an investigation, the Interstate Commerce Commission, acting under a law passed by Congress, recommended that McGrath be awarded a medal of honor.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 2 Jan 1908