Clintonville, WI Auto Accident Sept 1944

Accident Fatal To Mrs. John Finch
Mrs. Sam Finch Seriously Injured.
In an automobile accident at about 5 o'clock sunday afternoon, MRS. JOHN FINCH of Oshkosh was killed instantly, and Mrs. Samuel Finch of East Madison street sustained serious injuries and is in New London Community hospital. The latter sustained a broken right arm, a crushed right knee, fractured lower jaw, a deep gash in her forehead, besides minor cuts and multiple bruises.
The accident occurred on county trunk D as Mrs. Finch of Clintonville and her sister-in-law were enroute to Clintonville after having spent the day visiting with relatives at Leopolis. In some way, Mrs. Sam Finch, the driver, lost control of the car for an instant and crashed head on, into a tree at the roadside, not far from Pella. A Mr. Moldenhauer from Pella came along and found them and secured help.
Dr. J. H. Murphy was called and went out with the ambulance and the injured woman was given first aid, than taken to the New London hospital. The hearse carried the body of Mrs. John Finch to the Heuer Funeral Home, and later it was taken to Oshkosh to the Fiss and Bliss Funeral Home.
Mrs. John Finch, approximately 59, is survived by her husband, one son, Edward Finch, and one daughter, Mrs. James Smith, and two grandchildren, all of Oshkosh.

Clintonville Tribune-Gazette 1944-09-07