Peshtigo, WI "The Great Peshtigo Fire," Oct 1871 - List of Dead

Special from the Marinette Eagle. The Dead, as far as can be ascertained.

From the Upper Sugar Bush. as reported by, P. M. Brown:
L. H. Hill and wife, Augusta Brackett, John Jackson, James Law, L. H. McPherson, Alfred Peniree, Joseph Peniree, Cas. Peniree and wife, Terrence Kelley and daughter, Fred Seymour, Mrs. Charlotte Seymour, Chas. Bush wife and 6 children, John Taylor and two children, Patrick Doyle, wife and seven children, Harry Jackson, 2yrs., Bohrmaster, wife and child, Wm. Pape, Mrs. Olive Bosworth, A Jackson, Sally, McPherson, P. Weinhardt, wife and five children. Wm. Duquette., Benj Duquette, and wife, Mrs. John Utner and two children, Miss. Augusta Bartels, L. E. Spear, wife, and two children, James Hayes, John Loyal, Fred Carrough, wife and one child and the father-in-law and mother, Nelly Oleson, Miss Kasta Oleson and Mrs. Anna Oleson.

Middle Bush. Lindsay Loucks and wife, Mrs. M. Fagan and 2 children. Mrs. William Bell, Halsey Fletcher, Mary Fletcher, Mrs. Wm. Aymar, Joseph Lefevre wife and 4 children, Mattie Curtiss, William Curtiss, Mrs. Joseph Leasure and 5 children, Mr. A. A. Pratt, wife, and 2 children, Mrs. Henry Hayes Jr. and 1 child, Mr. Henry Hayes Sr., wife and boy, Miss Glass, Mrs. Jane Peniree and child, Wm. EIliot, Martin Race wife and 2 children, Chas. Chapman wife and child. Norman Davis wife and 3 children, Smith wife and 2 children.

Lower Bush. C. R. Towsley, wife and three children, John Hoyt, his mother and infant brother,  Darius Hoyt, Charles Hoyt, wife and 3 children, Lymar Segear, wife and three children, Mr. Hoyt Sr., wife and daughter, Robert King, wife and four children, John Church, wife and two children, Walter Newbury, wife and three children, Stoughton Newbury and wife, Dr. Newbury and son, Lot Leach and wife, Mrs. Peter Leach, N. May, wife and three children, Mrs. Ouse and lady visitor, Joseph Cramer, wife and four children, George Meyers, wife and four children, Mrs. Hiram Moore and five children, Mrs. Cook and child, Joseph Deidrich, wife and three children, Mrs. Fanny Moore and six children, Charles Stetinz, Wm English, John McGregor and wife, Peter Cheauponteau, Mrs. Wm. England, James Haves, Chas Helms died at Dunlap House, wife and child, Mrs. Bruce, daughter and two sons, Mrs. Prestine, Chas Lamp and five children, Peter Kiever, wife and child, Mrs. Chris Capoose and three children, John Wanikee, Mrs. Perlault and eight children, Wm. Aldous, wife and two children, Mrs. Wm Phillips, Mrs. Sturgeon, Wm. Soper, Peter Hanson, wife and two children, son of John Alschwager died at Dunlap House yesterday.

Peshtigo. Known dead: J. E. Beebee wife and two children, Mrs. J. J. Tanner and 2 children. James Keenan, Mrs. Chas Bruette, and child, Wm. T. Thompson and wife, Chas. Plush, Mrs. Antonie Bruett, Geo. Clement, Mrs. England and 3 children, Mrs. Salomon, James Kerr, Mrs. Lottie Seymour and sister's child, Patrick Monaghan, child of J. T. Potter, son of Frank Jacobs, son and daughter of James Mellen, Dan McGregor, wife, and sister, Mrs. Donald, Leroy McDonald and 5 children, James McGregor wife and child, wife and child of Robert Slaughter, Charles Westfall, wife and sister, daughter of P. J. Marshall, Davis family of 7 persons, two sons and a daughter of John Timmer and Mrs. Silas McMinn; Roger Burton died at Harbor yesterday.

Stevens Point Daily Gazette, Stevens Point, WI 10 Nov 1871