Holcomb, WI Drowning, June 1906

Prof. Fletcher Drowned.
PROF. A. H. FLETCHER was drowned in a the Chippewa River at Holcomb last Saturday. With a companion he was returning from a fishing trip on the headwaters of the Chippewa when their canvas canoe struck an obstruction and capsized. The other occupant saved his life by clinging to the boat. PROF. FLETCHER had just been appointed institue[sic] conductor of the River Falls Normal, in place of Mr. Sims, promoted to the presidency of the Stevens Point school. He leaves a widow and three children.
The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 30 Jun 1

Prof. Fitcher Drowned.
Chippewa Falls.---PROF. FITCHER, of River Falls, was drowned in the Chippewa river at Holcomb. His boat capsized in a rapids.
The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 7 Jul 1906