Root River, WI Train Plunges Into Washout, Mar 1913


La Crosse, Wis., March 14 -- The relief train returned from the scene of the Root River wreck shortly before noon, bringing the body of the dead fireman and the injured engineer. MRS. ALMA NELSON, the morther of NEWTON NELSON, the fireman, rushed through the crowd at the station when the train drew in, and hurled herself with cries of grief upon the body of her son. NELSON was 33 years old.
Physicians in charge of the wounded engineer expressed the hope that he would recover.
Passengers of train No. 8, brought to La Crosse on the relief train, attributed their escape from death largely to the vigilance of Engineer WHITING, who fearing trouble at this point, had slowed his train down to 12 miles an hour when he struck the washout. He stuck to his engine to the last and went over with it.

Racine Journal-News Wisconsin 1913-03-14