Great Lake Locations "Great Gale of 1913", Nov 1913

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Captain Russell quartered his men at the Superior House for today and is making arrangements to get them back to Cleveland.

While the men on the Major did not see any other vessels in trouble, they are sure that the Major was not the only craft not in shelter when the storm broke. They declare that the staunchest vessel would have difficulty in such a gale as the one that blew yesterday afternoon and last night.
While there is a possibility that the Major is still afloat, a derelict on Lake Superior, the men believe that she sank within half an hour after they abandoned her. If she held together long enough she may have been driven on the shore by the sea.
It is evident that the Algoma Central officials have about given up ever seeing anything but wreckage of the steamer Leafield, as they have posted bulletins requesting that vesselmen or others who may discover wreckage of the vessel, report the same to the owners. She is now five days overdue.

Evening News Sault Ste. Marie Michigan 1913-11-14

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non sailors reported killed during storm of 1913

at bottom of list 4 non sailors killed during great Storm of 1913

the Unknown Train Conductor is identified at Following link: