Great Lake Locations "Great Gale of 1913", Nov 1913

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Detroit, Nov. 14. -- As belated reports filtered into local marine headquarters this afternoon it became apparent that the death list as a result of the recent storm will aggregate 350. A careful compilation of the number of lives known to have been snuffed out brings the total to 310 this afternoon, and with several boats which have been heard of since last Saturady and Sunday it is within reason to predict a heavier death toll. As old time marine men glanced over their lists and read the names of former comrades, their eyes filled with tears. It is one of the most pathetic sights ever witnessed in this city.
Vesselmen estimate the total loss to vessel owners and in value of cargoes lost at $3,000,000 but this is undoubtedly too low. The known value of sixteen vessels destroyed in the storm is almost that amount, and when the value of the cargoes is computed the losses may reach $4,000,000.

Detroit, Nov. 14. -- Today their is absolutely no doubt that the death list of sailors who lost their lives in the storm swept Great Lakes will reach over the two hundred mark. Careful and official estimates made today are as follows:
Lake Huron -- John A. McGean -- 28; Charles S. Price -- 28; James Carruthers -- 25; Regina -- 20; Wexford -- 20; Hydrus -- 23; Isaac M. Scott -- 28; and Argus -- 23.
Lake Superior -- Leafield -- 15; William Nottingham -- 3; Henry D. Smith -- 20; Major's crew reported safe.
Lake Michigan -- Plymouth -- 7.
Lake Erie -- Lightship No. 82 -- 6.
In addition to the above list there are a score or more vessels which were partly wrecked or completely destroyed. Messages received here today confirmed last night's report that there is another overturned mystery ship. There is a red bottomed steamer off Harbor Beach which is generally believed to be the James A. Carruthers.
The owners of the Carruthers have given up their vessel as lost and marine men are unanimous in their opinions that the overturned boat is the Carruthers.

Port Huron, Nov. 14. -- Claiming that the government is paying but scant attention to the storm situation in Lake Huron marine men here are severely criticising officials in charge and claim the blame will rest upon the government if any more tragedies occur.
It is pointed out that the revenue cutter Morril has spend but one day at the scene of the overturned derelict off Port Huron and since then there has been no boat standing by for protection to the shipping interests.
Lake Huron is calmed considerably this morning and a diver will probably be sent to the scene of the derelict and descent to the main decks of the mystery ship this afternoon in an attempt to ascertain its name.
Hourly it seems that the death list is growing and this city is enshrouded in a gloom as many of the sailors who have lost their lives have lived here or in this vicinity. Local marine experts believe the total death loss will aggregate 300 when complete reports are made.

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