Great Lake Locations "Great Gale of 1913", Nov 1913

1913_Great_Lakes_storm_wave_from_wikipedia.org_.jpg ARGUS.jpg CHARLES S PRICE.png H P MCINTOSH.jpg HYDRUS.jpg LEAFIELD.png Lightship 82.png ISAAC M SCOTT.png James Carruthers.png

Argus, off Point Aux Barques, Michigan.
PAUL GUTCH, master, Cleveland.
DANIEL B. YOUNG, mate, Marine City, Mich.
ROBERT ROWAN, second mate, Conneaut, Ohio.
TOM NELSON, boatswain mate, Buffalo, N.Y.
MAX ASMUSSEN, wheelsman, Green Bay, Wis.
JOHN McDONALD, wheelsman, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.
CHARLES ANDERSON, watchman, Providence, Rhode Island.
JAMES JOHNSON, watchman, Toronto, Ont.
JAMES HOGAN, deck hand, Rochester, N.Y.
WACTAW DOMHOLSKY, deck hand, Buffalo.
PHILLIP COPPO, deck hand, Paterson, N.J.
PETER LANSBERGER, deck hand, Camden, N.J.
JOSEPH BREXA, deck hand, Hyde Park, Mass.
GEORGE ZANGER, JR., chief engineer, Sandusky, Ohio.
WILLIAM P. STARK, first assistant engineer, Sandusky, Ohio.
GEORGE HAYES, handyman, Croswell, Mich.
RALPH J. AARON, oiler, Buffalo, N.Y.
WILLIAM LaMERE, oiler, Port Huron, Mich.
MIKE RADETONEKA, fireman, Buffalo, N.Y.
CHARLES ZARNICK, fireman, Butler, Penn.
DAN RUNSOMA, fireman, Detroit.
WILLIAM WALKER, steward, Cleveland, Ohio.
MRS. EMILY WALKER, second cook, Cleveland.
LEO GARDNER, porter, Buffalo, N.Y.

Lake Superior.
Leafield, off Angus Island.
CHARLES BAKER, master, Collingwood, Ont.
ALFRED NORTHCOTT, first mate, Collingwood, Ont.
FRED BEGLEY, second mate, Collingwood, Ont.
ANDY KERR, chief engineer, Collingwood, Ont.
TOM BOWIE, first assistant engineer, Collingwood, Ont.
CHARLIE BROWN, fireman, Collingwood, Ont.
JOSEPH SIMPSON, wheelsman, Collingwood, Ont.
EDDIE WHITESIDES, wheelsman, Collingwood, Ont.
PAUL SHEFIELD, steward, Collingwood, Ont.
RICHARD SHEFIELD, steward, Collingwood, Ont.
MR. WILLOMETT, first cook, Collingwood, Ont.
MRS. WILLOMETT, second cook, Collingwood, Ont.

William Nottingham, off Apostle Islands.
JOHN KARP, watchman.
J. F. THORNBURN, deck hand.

Henry D. Smith (See Individual Article).
Lake Michigan.

Plymouth Barge (See Individual Article).
Lake Erie.

Lightship 82, off Buffalo, New York.
HUGH M. WILLIAMS, master, Manistee, Mich.
ANDREW LEAHY, mate, Elyria, Ohio.
CORNELIUS LEAHY, assistant engineer, Elyria, Ohio.
CHARLES BUTLER, engineer, Buffalo, N.Y.
PETER MACKEY, cook, Buffalo, N.Y.
WILLIAM JENSEN, Muskegon, Mich.

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non sailors reported killed during storm of 1913

at bottom of list 4 non sailors killed during great Storm of 1913

the Unknown Train Conductor is identified at Following link: