Great Lake Locations "Great Gale of 1913", Nov 1913

1913_Great_Lakes_storm_wave_from_wikipedia.org_.jpg ARGUS.jpg CHARLES S PRICE.png H P MCINTOSH.jpg HYDRUS.jpg LEAFIELD.png Lightship 82.png ISAAC M SCOTT.png James Carruthers.png

Wexford, Off Port Franks, Ontario.
ARCHIBALD, BROOKS, second mate.
JAMES SCOTT, chief engineer.
RICHARD LOUGHEED, assistant engineer.
ALLAN DODSON, watchman.
JAMES GLENN, Scotland.
MURDOCH McDONALD, passenger, Goderich, Ont.
DONALD McDONALD, passenger, Goderich, Ont.

Hydrus, off Goderich, Ontario.
JOHN H. LOWE, master, Cleveland, Ohio.
ALBERT SOMMERS, first mate, Cleveland, Ohio.
WILLIAM R. NEWMAN, second mate, Ashtabula, Ohio.
ED HANSEN, wheelsman, Brooklyn, N. Y.
FRED ERICKSEN, wheelsman, Brooklyn, N.Y.
HERMAN FIELD, watchman, Brooklyn, N.Y.
H. J. FELDMAN, watchman, Brooklyn, N.Y.
WALTER CHINOY, deck hand, Buffalo, N.Y.
W. MILLER, deck hand, Buffalo, N.Y.
JOHN DOYLE, deck hand, Cleveland, Ohio.
JOSEPH BERES, deck hand, Buffalo, N.Y.
JOHN KEWLEY, deck hand.
ARVID OLSSON, boatswain, New York City.
CALVIN HATCH, chief engineer, Detroit, Mich.
WILLIAM HARTT, first assistant engineer.
KERNOL CHRISTY, oiler, Marine City, Mich.
WILLIAM J. BURNS, oiler, Marine City, Mich.
DICKSON CHRISTY, fireman, Marine City, Mich.
L. WALTER REESE, fireman, Buffalo, N.Y.
REINHART JOHANSEN, fireman, Chicago.
CHARLES G. CRABB, steward, Buffalo, N.Y.
R. A. SOMERVILLE, second cook, Detroit, Mich.
OREN WILLIAMS, porter, Toledo, Ohio.
E. GOLDMAN, Chicago.
HERMAN TJILD, New York City.
W. MATTISON, Minneapolis, Minn.

Isaac M. Scott, off Sturgeon Point, Michigan.
A. McARTHUR, master, Ashtabula, Ohio.
ENGELHART KARCH, first mate, Cleveland.
A. WOOD, second mate, Harbor Beach, Mich.
K. ROSENBERG, wheelsman.
MICHAEL THOMPSON, wheelsman, Bay City, Mich.
JOHN KLATT, watchman, Milwaukee, Wis.
A. VOSH, deck hand, Lorain, Ont.
RICHARD THAYER, watchman, Linesville, Penn.
O. JACOBSON, deck hand, Allandale, Minn.
WILLIAM DOAN, deck hand, Detroit.
H. BERG, deck hand, Worcester, Mass.
F. J. BARRETT, deck hand, Scranton, Penn.
G. FRIEND, deck hand, Philadelphia, Penn.
W. P. WOODRUFF, chief engineer, Ashtabula, Ohio.
HARRY POTTER, second engineer.
NORMAN DWELIE, third engineer, Kelly's Island, Ont.
ALBERT ABRAM, boatswain, Detroit, Mich.
JOSEPH BARRY, oiler, Ashtabula, Ohio.
VICTOR HEIBERGER, oiler, Sandusky, Ohio.
LOUIS BOGNER, fireman, Cleveland.
ALEX J. BAKER, fireman, Fair Haven, Mich.
C. BURNS, fireman, New York City.
F. TONN, fireman, Hoboken, N.J.
OSCAR ZIBELL, fireman, Green Bay, Wis.
T. H. BOONNISCH, fireman, Buffalo, N.Y.
GEORGE W. PALMER, steward, Detroit.
ALBERT THIERY, second cook, Brooklyn, N.Y.
JAMES MILLER, porter, Cleveland, Ohio.

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non sailors reported killed during storm of 1913

at bottom of list 4 non sailors killed during great Storm of 1913

the Unknown Train Conductor is identified at Following link: