Brooklyn, WI Train And Auto Collision, Jan 1947


Madison, Wis. (UP) -- Two University of Wisconsin students were killed and a third was injured yesterday afternoon when a North Western passenger train smashed into their car on a Brooklyn, Wis., grade crossing.
The three students, all from Brodhead, were driving back to Madison after spending a weekend at home.
The impact of the crash threw the car 178 feet into a ditch, Dane county traffic officers reported.
WILLIAM LEHNHERR, 22, driver of the car, and HARVEY BANDT, 22, were killed outright. Both were war veterans. PHILIP J. RINDY, 22, who was riding in the front seat with LEHNHERR, received face and arm cuts in the accident. He was found walking in a daze near the scene of the crash and was taken to a Stoughton hospital for treatment.
RINDY told traffic police that the students had not seen the train until they were on the tracks. The train hit the rear of the car and traveled nearly a mile before the engineer could stop it.

Waukesha Daily Freeman Wisconsin 1947-01-27