Menasha, WI drowning, Sept 1885



Six Men Capsize in a Boat - Two Drowned and a Third Narrowly Escapes - The Others Cling to the Boat and are Saved.

MENASHA, Wis., Sept. 15. - A terrible drowning accident happended in the Menasha river to-day, near the head of the river in the vicinity of the old Syme mill property. Six men, named Henry Evans, Wm. Schug, Ferd Buschmann, Frank Koucher, Charles Sheplow and one other, name unknown, went out in a small sail boat. After sailing around awhile a squall struck the boat and capsized it. The mena ll clung to the boats for a few minutes when Frank Koucher becoming excited undertook to swim to some book sticks about 20 feet away. He was unable to swim a stroke and went down. Chas. Sheplow seeing that Koucher was drowning struck out for him in the attempt to save him. In his drowning desperation Koucher clung to Sheplow and pulled him down with him to the bottom and both were drowned. In the mean time Evans undertook to give assistance to the two struggling and drowning men and he, too, came very near going down with them but finally saved himself. The others clung steadily to the up-turned boat and in about half or three-quarters of an hour they were seen and rescued by men who came to their assistance. The bodies of Koucher and Sheplow were secured after being in the water an hour and every effort was made to rescusitate them but without success. Koucher was bout 30 years of age and a widower. Sheplow was 25 and unmarried. The other members of the party were single and aged from 20 to 30 years.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 15 Sept 1885