Willow Grove, WV Railroad Accident, Apr 1887


Wheeling, West Va., April 13. -- A construction train on the Ohio River Railroad jumped the track at Willow Grove, near Parkersburg, to-night, wrecking the engine and nine cars, and killing three men and wounding eight or ten others, several of them fatally. No details of the cause of the accident have been received, except that the engine struck an obstruction while running at high speed. The casualties were:
Dead -- JOSEPH REESE, laborer, of Clifton, West Va., head and body crushed.
JOHN HOLDIN, laborer, residence unknown, badly mangled.
WAHINGTON MERCER, laborer, scalded.
Wounded -- EARNEST COLE, head cut; will die.
ED HAGAN, fireman, badly mangled.
TOBY FLEINECKER, conductor, had, body, and limbs cut and bruised.
From four to six other laborers whose names are not obtainable were badly injured, but none of them, it is said, will die.

The New York Times New York 1887-04-14