Wheeling, WV Train Accident, Mar 1891


Mr. F. P. Jepson Dragged by An Elm Grove Motor, and Badly Injured.

Mr. F. P. Jepson, President of the Second Branch of Council, and cashier of the Bank of the Ohio Valley, had a very narrow escape from a horrible death last evening, just after seven o'clock. Very fortunately he managed to save his life, but sustained injuries which will confine him to his apartment for some time to come.

Mr. Jepson left his residence on Twelfth street just before seven o'clock, intending to catch the seven o'clock motor for an out-of-town call. Not having time to catch the motor at the City Hall station, Mr. Jepson went out Fourteenth street, intending to board the train near the Central glass house. As the motor went by, just at the east end of Fourteenth street, Mr. Jepson attempted to catch it, from the west side of the track, but either missed his footing or his overcoat caught in some obstruction. At any event, he was swept from his feet, and was dragged a distance of probably two hundred feet before the train could be stopped. Mr. Alex. Updegraff and others on board the train at once went to Mr. Jepson's assistance, and he was found to be bleeding profusely from a scalp wound, and suffering from injuries in the vicinity of the hips and lower part of the spine. After in a measure recovering from the shock, Mr. Jepson, aided Mr. Updegraff, walked down Fourteenth street, up Jacob to Twelfth street and down to his residence, by which time he had lost considerable blood from the wound on his head. Dr. C. M. Frissell was at once summoned, and Mr. Jepson's wounds were dressed and the patient made as comfortable as possible. When the physicians left Mr. Jepson was suffering a good deal, but his wounds are not believed to be severe. The scalp wound is a trifle, the greater injuries resulting from the bruises and twisting, incident to his being dragged over the track.

The Wheeling Register, Wheeling, WV 26 Mar 1891