Hinton, WV area Train Wreck, Jun 1908


HUNTINGTON, W. Va., June 7.----Train No. 8 on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, the flyer, between New York and Cincinnati, was wrecked twice while passing through West Virginia today. Engineer Malone, of Thurmond, W. Va., sustained injuries from which he may die, and three passengers were slightly injured. At Whitcomb, a small station near Hinton, W. Va., the engine tender left the rails, and was followed by the express car, mail car, combination coach and one sleeper. In this wreck none of the cars was overturned and no one was injured. The passengers were transferred to a new train which had gone fifty miles when four sleepers and the diner went off the track. Engineer Malone was riding in a smoking compartment of a sleeper. He leaped out of a window. The cause of the first wreck could not be ascertained, but the second, it is said, was caused by the rails buckling owing to excessive heat. One of the passengers was Miss Anna Davidson, of Washington, D. C., who was painfully bruised.

The Macon Daily Telegraph, Macon, GA 8 Jun 1908