Pt. Pleasant, WV House Fire, Mar 1911


Mrs. James GARDNER, Jr., of Pt. Pleasant, Died in Burning of Home

Point Pleasant was the scene Wednesday of the funeral of Mrs. James Gardner, Jr., a young matron of that place who met death in a tragic manner Tuesday morning.

Mrs. Gardner was seated in front of the fire in her home with her ten months old baby in her arms and her six year old daughter, Alice, beside her.

The little girl pushed a chair to the mantel piece and stood on the chair, trying to get something from off the mantel. While so engaged she upset an oil lamp which was burning there. The lamp fell and broke, the fire which resulted enveloped Mrs. Gardner. The woman handed the baby to its sister and told her to run into the yard with it. Then she turned and went into a bed room, evidently with the intention of getting a comfort[er] in which to smother the flames. She was unable to accomplish this purpose, however, her body being burned until only the torso remained.

The house in which the Gardners lived was completely destroyed by the fire.

Huntington Advertiser, 30 March 1911