Charleston, WV Train And Car Collision, Feb 1978


A Charleston man died Tuesday of injuries he received when the car he was driving was hit by a Chessie System train in South Charleston. The man was identified as JOHN STEVENS, 30, of 1539 Quarrier St.
Police said the train struck STEVENS' car about 3:30 p.m. and carried it a fifth of a mile along the railroad tracks between Kanawha Turnpike and Avesta Drive in South Charleston. He was driving onto Avesta Drive. STEVENS died three hours later in General Divisioin of CAMC.
State trooper Terry Williams said he believes STEVENS didn't see the train coming.
"I saw it, but I wish I hadn't," said James Williams of Avesta Drive, who was standing on the other side of the tracks when the accident occurred.
"The train was within 300 feet of the car when he started on the tracks," he said. "I jumped on my CB and called for police and an ambulance."
STEVENS, an employee of Reniquik, was en route to a vacant house that his firm is renting. Joseph Thayer of Charleston, who was considering renting the house, was following STEVENS to the home.
"My guess is he didn't know the train was coming until he heard the train's whistle blowing," Thayer said.

Charleston Gazette West Virginia 1978-02-01